Fundraiser Tour

by Cassandra Hill

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been encouraging me to become all that I could imagine myself being. No dream was too big. Reach for the stars! And so, I did. I ended up being a Speech Language Pathologist, an author & Illustrator of two children’s books, and a theatrical performer. Now how is that for following your heart and living out your dreams?

She and my father have always been supportive no matter where I lived. She was quick to help me shop for a new apartment for my internship in Michigan, my first job in Florida, and even when I ended up in Silver Spring, Maryland to further my career as a speech pathologist and to embark on my dream of becoming a writer.

For my Fundraiser Tour, I look forward to performing and sharing my children’s book with children all over the world via my online show with SideDoorAccess! My mother is thrilled. Since my father passed, she is now living with me, and I get to see her every day. Since she is no longer in SC, my goal is to raise enough funds to make sure she is cared for properly and that she receives all the medical supplies and home health care nursing services that she needs.

Learn more about my mother’s story by clicking on my GoFundMe video and Campaign. Share her story with your friends and family. Join us on our journey. We thank you in advance.

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