Children’s Content

by Cassandra Hill

This bedtime story is sure to grab boys and girls by the shirt collar of their imagination. Soar with Shyann, a mystical Egyptian Cat, on her magic carpet as she races to save Shaddrock and his son Shimmy from the evil sickness wizard Izard the Lizard.

Enjoy my promotional video for It’s Your Birthday Shyann! This highlight reel shows an exciting multi-cultural interactive learning experience for the K-3rd grade population. I am the author and illustrator Cassandra Hill. Visit for information on our You Tube Talent Search.

Cassandra Hill of Unity TV interviews Cindy Martin, the Innovative Director of Community Tutoring, Inc about her program.

Enjoy Part Two of the Community Tutoring Summer Camp.  I shared “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” with the children utilizing a smaller scale presentation and performance.   But smaller proved to be just as impactful as you’ll see the children are shy at first.  However, by the end of the summer camp the children learned friendship building skills through educational games associated with “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!” And had fun doing it.

A tornado touched down for the Finale of the summer camp performance of our play “It’s Your Birthday Shyann!”.  Downed trees and power lines prevented the parents from getting through and pretending.  The power was blown out at the school but the children begged to sing the song without the use of a sound system.  I was happy to accommodate. We filmed them using our battery operated cameras.  They had a ball and so did I.  The children are precious.