The Remix of “Change the World Shyann!”

by Cassandra Hill
Monique Cooper during a recording session in the studio

Change the World Shyann! Is a song written to encourage children to build friendships cross culturally.  At the closing of my show, I often utilize the song to bring children on stage with me to offer some good old-fashioned gross motor play via a game of “Copycat.”  Another clever way to demonstrate and prove how children are more alike than they are different.  

The message of unity is contagious and meant to adjourn our time together on a positive note.  It allows students and staff to carry these concepts of friendship building to their classrooms and beyond.  Differing backgrounds and cultures should be intriguing, interesting and experienced. Learn about cultural foods, traditions, music, and dances outside of your own selves and have fun doing it.  “Change the World Shyann!” Encourages children to love themselves and others.  What a delicious concept.

Monica is pictured here with her mother
Monique is pictured here with her mother

The song was written mostly for the good of the classroom and school auditorium presentations as an educational tool.  As time went on, I saw how much that time on stage meant to the children.  They are fully engaged.  And when I presented the song at summer camps and programs, the children enjoyed learning the words and singing along.  It was then that I was inspired to re-record the song and to make it accessible to children and families to own.

As a speech language pathologist, I have been entrusted to rehab the voices of singers.   At the end of treatment, I told Ms. Talia Lawson that I was really in awe of her beautiful voice.  I said I’d like to work with her one day.  She was so humble and said “Of Course.  It would be my pleasure.”  Another talented singer is Ms. Monique Cooper, who also happens to be my cousin.  I was elated that she decided to participate in my project.   I immediately invited them both to the recording studio.  This was going to be good.  Real good.  And it turned out to be a great experience for all involved.

David Prescott of Prescott Studios with Cassandra Hill

I explained to David Prescott of Prescott Studios, that I wanted to remix my song, adding drums, and making the instrumentation more dynamic.  I am a first-time song writer and I don’t play any instruments. So how is it possible that I wrote a song?   I basically play the sounds of the instruments with my mouth.  The musical engineer makes the interpretation and magically brings the suggestions to life.  Both singers are amazing in their ability to go into the studio and lend themselves fully to the song and lyrics.  I’m eternally grateful that they did, and I look forward to watching them perform it in the future.

Today, I’m able to offer a beautiful remixed and updated rendition of “Change the World Shyann!”  My goal is to release it for you, the consumer, but to also attach the song to fundraisers to help those less privileged.  My first recipient is “Pencils of Promise.” Circumstances are now perfect to relaunch my campaign to support Pencils of Promise and raise $10,000 to build a school in Africa.  I’m willing to split profits and am more than hopeful that children, parents, and families all over the world want to assist in that effort.

Monique Cooper and Cassandra Hill

Visit our shop and download the lyrical or musical version of “Change the World Shyann!”.  Although it is also on sale on iTunes, only the purchase on my website is in support of the Pencils of Promise fundraiser and is priced at $2.00 for the download.  And if you’re also a singer, download the musical version and send us a video of you singing our song so we can share your version with our audience.  Enjoy!

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