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Book Cassandra Hill for an educational and theatrical performance of It's Your Birthday Shyann!

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Author and Speech Language Pathologist

Cassandra Hill MA CCC-SLP

About the Author

Cassandra Hill is the Author and Illustrator of her book It's Your Birthday Shyann!  She exposes children to multiple languages in minutes by teaching them how to say "Happy Birthday!" in eight different languages.  Cultural birthday traditions are explored and celebrated.  She wrote the song "Change the World Shyann!" to compliment the book, prompting children all around the globe to foster friendships cross culturally.   Ms. Hill MA CCC-SLP is also a practicing Speech Language Pathologist in private practice.  She is the owner of Speech Therapy Enterprises LLC where she treats clients from the preschool to the geriatric populations.  Ms. Hill is also a Voice Disorder Specialist and works with singers, radio personalities and sports broadcasters to restore their voice.  As a medical SLP, she works with clients post stroke in the treatment of aphasia, dysarthria, and dysphagia.   She also treats receptive and expressive language disorders and fluency disorders.

Our Mission with Pencils of Promise

We're preparing to bring our #ChangeTheWorldShyann! Tour For Pencils of Promise to your school in 2020. Ms. Hill is combining her passion for writing with a theatrical performance  of It's Your Birthday Shyann! to become a global educator and fundraiser.  She's raising funds for Pencils of Promise to build a school in Ghana Africa.   To take part now, download our song "Change the World Shyann!" for a small donation of $2.00 using our QR code.   Invite us to your school or event.  You'll be glad you did.   Follow us on Instagram to support us in 2020 at CassandraHillAuthorandSLP . Our store is coming soon!  Our site is under new construction.  Stay Tuned.

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